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Three Steps to Plan for College



Enrollment Ongoing for Second Semester

For New College Students & Transferees


Missed the June enrollment? Don’t worry because you have the option to begin the school year in August. Even if most colleges and universities in the country have already started their classes, you can still enroll in schools that shifted their calendar to August.

There are plenty of possible reasons why you didn’t make it to the June opening of classes. Maybe your parents needed more time to prepare for financial requirements, or you didn’t pass at the school you applied for, or you’re still undecided about which program to pursue. If you relate with the latter, read on to know some tips that will help you choose the right program from you.

Don’t stress out if your batchmates already have their future plotted in a map because it’s never too late to start your own map to success. It only takes simple steps to make sure you land in your dream career.

Pause. Break the habit of listening to what others say you have to be, but rather focus on discovering your natural abilities. Think about your strengths and the areas that you are good at. As the saying goes, “your gift will make a way for you.”

Reflect. Make a list of the things that interests you and that best describes your personality. Because the next four or five years of your life is all about you so no one else should define it but you. 

Evaluate. Understand the industry you want to pursue. Know if it suits the lifestyle you want to live while it can suffice your survival needs.  




There’s actually an app to make these three steps easier: STI SCOPE or Student’s Career Opportunity and Personality Evaluator. Download the app, take the quiz, then you’ll get a free guide in making the right decision for your future.

Planning for college takes time to ponder about so starting college in August extends your time to plan for career path and it also makes leeway for your parents to prepare for financial requirements. Take the first step to a successful career path by choosing the school that provides world-class, quality education. STI, one of the largest network of schools in the country, will open classes in August which caters particularly to incoming freshmen college students. Enrollment for the August batch starts on July 10, 2018.

The program you’ve chosen projects a vision of yourself in the future. That’s why it’s important to know yourself and be wise in making decisions towards the life you dreamed of. It’s not yet too late to start figuring out your way to defining success. Just choose the right program and a college that will be your leverage to achieving it. 

Enrollment Ongoing for Second Semester

For New College Students & Transferees