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Why Choose an August to May School Calendar?



Enrollment Ongoing for Second Semester

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Coming back to school during the rainy season is a disadvantage especially for students. But if you didn’t make it to the June opening of classes, you have the chance to skip the first two months of the rainy season by enrolling in the August batch. 



With the August to May school calendar, the number of tropical cyclones is down by 21% compared to the traditional June to March calendar based on PAGASA records from the past 11 years. Also, it covers fewer months of the rainy season so tropical cyclone-related cancellation of classes are reduced.

Cancellation of classes breaks the momentum especially when it’s caused by bad weather. Research shows that weather is linked to school performance as lack of exposure to sunlight affects our hormones in a way that increases the urge to sleep.

Moreover, class suspensions take away the time you should be spending to learn at school, leading to delays in the lectures and activities. Just imagine how much more knowledge you could have absorbed if you did not have to miss out on your classes because of the inclement weather. But you can keep the momentum on by doing these simple tips


  1. Watch brain booster videos

Videos are a fun way to liven up your minds. It leads you to discovering new topics that you can contribute to discussions when you get back to school. Use the takeaway knowledge as back-ups when you need to give sample situations to explain more about a topic. You may subscribe to educational YouTube channels like TED, MIT OpenCourseWare, and Khan Academy.

  1. Read books or zines

If you’re a bookworm, this is the time to catch up on that book you’ve been planning to finish. But if you’re not really into reading, try to start with anything that suits your taste then eventually level up to materials that will help you gain more knowledge like Reader’s Digest. It would also be useful if your school have an online learning facility where you can do some advance reading on lessons.  

  1. Do schoolwork

With the extra time on hand, you can use it to do homework and projects. Having enough time allows you to give more effort on research and to plan for presentations.


Spending the day at home when it’s raining outside can be productive if you fight off the rainy blues. Doing these tips can also prep you before coming back to school on August.

Understanding how the weather can affect the quality of learning experience, STI opens enrollment for the August batch of incoming freshmen college students. Starting July 10, 2018, you may visit your preferred STI campus and inquire. 

Enrollment Ongoing for Second Semester

For New College Students & Transferees