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Bachelor of Science in Accounting Information System (BSAIS)

Earn a competitive IT edge as an Accounting professional with the BS Accounting Information System program. Learn and practice the necessary competencies for accounting and bookkeeping, financial analysis and auditing, and other financial-related services while focusing on planning, controlling, and evaluating information systems. BSAIS graduates will be ready for business and are prepared to take global assessments for certification.


Campuses with BSAIS


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  • Resolve business issues and problems, with a global and strategic perspective using their knowledge and technical proficiency in the areas of financial accounting and reporting, cost accounting and management, accountancy and control, taxation, and accounting information systems.
  • Conduct Accounting Information System research through independent studies of relevant literature and appropriate use of accounting theory and methodologies.
  • Employ technology as a business tool in capturing financial and non-financial information, generating reports and making decisions.
  • Apply knowledge and skills that will enable them to successfully respond to various types of assessments (including professional licensure and certifications).
  • Confidently maintain a commitment to good corporate citizenship, social responsibility and ethical practice in performing functions as an accountant.

 Career Opportunities


  • Junior Analyst
  • Investment Analyst
  • Cost Analyst/Accountant
  • Accounting Information System Staff
  • Tax Accounting Staff
  • Financial Analyst
  • Budget Analyst/Officer
  • Credit Analyst
  • Audit Examiner
  • Revenue Officer
  • Accounting Instructor