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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Major in Network Engineering (BSITNE)

Ready to Invent

Be prepared to compete in the evolving world of Information Technology with this four-year program. The specialization in Networking will develop the students' skills in maintaining, designing, troubleshooting, and installing networks in various operating systems. The program focuses on local and wide area network design, administration, and internet technologies. The integration of theories learned inside the classroom and on-the-job training will develop the students' critical thinking and problem-solving skills to ensure effective connectivity between network components and architecture.


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  • Design and develop database architectures for information systems
  • Develop and maintain business computer solutions
  • Manage information systems to aid business decisions
  • Design and manage client-server systems
  • Design and manage computer network infrastructures

 Career Opportunities

  • Project Manager
  • Network Engineer/Administrator
  • Systems Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • Business Applications Developer/Programmer
  • Web Developer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Systems Support Specialist


 Program Curriculum (New) Effectivity: A.Y. 2018-2019